Our Mission

Our Program's Mission

The Miss & Mr. Compton Pageant goals has been to provide a platform for youth to showcase their community in a positive light and to open up many other opportunities for inner-city youth. We also strive to inspire youth to have self- confidence, spark a sense of community responsibilities, and community pride in the city they come from. There are many negative stereotypes that are associated with inner- city communities & youth, such as Compton, Watts, South Central Los Angeles, etc. that do not reflect the truth about their entire community. There are many great people, youth, professionals, and leaders that come from inner-city communities, and the Miss & Mr. Compton Pageant strives to share the stories of the positive things that are taking place in inner-city communities.

It's our goal to mentor our youth to reach their career goals. The Miss & Mr. Compton Pageant offers leadership training, career training, networking, and professional development.

Shanice McKinley Reed

Director/ Producer, Miss Compton Pageant