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The Miss Compton Pageant goal has been to provide a platform for young women to showcase their community in a positive light and to open up many other opportunities for inner-city youth. We also strive to inspire young girls and young women to have self- confidence, spark a sense of community responsibilities, and community pride in the city they come from. There are many negative stereotypes that are associated with inner- city communities & youth, such as Compton, Watts, South Central Los Angeles, etc. that does not reflected the truth about their entire community. There are many great people, youth, professionals, and leaders that come from inner-city communities, and the Miss Compton Pageant feels the need to tell the story of the positive things that are taking place in inner-city communities. It’s are goal to continue to mentor beautiful, caring, intelligent, young girls and women in are community to reach their career goals, than introduce them to everyday people that are not from inner-city communities and may have never visited an inner-city in a non-stereotypical manner.

After Shanice McKinley Reed received her MBA Dec. 2010, she was determined to come back to her community and make an impact in inner-city youth lives that faced very similar early childhood experience as me. Her mother who at that time was a single parent, my sister, two older brothers and Shanice McKinley Reed moved in with her aunt and uncle to Compton California when she was twelve years old. Soon after that, She began her education in Compton Unified School District. She attended Roosevelt Middle School and Dominguez High School, and carried that mindset her mother instilled in her as a little girl and continued her education at California State San Bernardino. At Cal State, she received her BA in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing in Dec. 2007. However, even though she was an honor roll student in high school, and have reach higher educational achievements, she was still stereotyped negatively often when mentioned she was from the city of Compton to people outside of Compton because of the negative stories and images the media have portrayed about inner-city communities, like Compton.

In 2010, Mrs. McKinley-Reed join the Miss California USA pageant and was selected to represent the City of Compton. She was motivated to use this opportunity as a way to showcase the positive things in the City of Compton. She run her platform on Changing the Image of the City of Compton to showcase outsiders that great things and people come from the city of Compton and inner-cities. Her story caught the eyes of LA Times and became national news. After she finished representing the city of Compton as Miss Compton 2011, she decided to re-open the Miss Compton Pageant in 2011 in the local community to give other girls the same opportunities she was given to share their story’s and showcase their community in a positive light.

The Miss Compton Pageant 2012 & 2013, & 2013-2014 pageant was a great success. We have received local, regional, and national awards for our great work in the community. Since the pageant, the Miss Compton Pageant has participated in Breast Cancer awareness events to find cures, supported many local community events, been showcased in community parades in different cities to shine a positive light on our communities, such as the MLK Parade, Daisy Lane & Compton parade. We have also participated in the Compton Cleanup Initiative Project, Toy Giveaways, performed for the Los Angeles County Parks Black history month at Victoria Park and we’re looking forward to being more involved in the communities and participating in more community events. Our pageant wants to continue to give this great opportunity to many more youth in the community to give back to their community and represent our community in a positive light.

The Miss Compton Pageant is a testament that we can be the change in the community that we want to see, and reaching back to mentor or youth can, and will make a different in our youth life.

Shanice McKinley Reed

Director/ Producer, Miss Compton Pageant