Maliyah Mason - Miss Compton 2017-2018

My Story

Maliyah Mason has always dreamed of being a queen, as a little girl, she would proudly wear her hand made princess dress and plastic crown with rhinestones. One day she said to her mom, "no one i able to see me at home", so away they went to the local mall so Maliyah could be seen by a crowd. She waved her sepulcher, she was very happy in her make-believe kingdom.

She has since grown into quite an accomplished young woman. Maliyah learned to play and read music in middle school. Her first instrument was a trumpet, and she with the marching band participated in Compton Christmas parade. Maliyah is an accomplished musician, playing 5 instruments including, piano, keyboard, French horn, mellophone, and she has a trained singing voice. Maliyah was chosen as the first African American drum major at Millikan High School. It was a great honor and her marching band won several competition awards.

She was one of the first students chosen for the Dual Immersion program in n elementary school and continued to study Spanish throughout her academic career and as a result she is bi-lingual and bi-literate being fluent in Spanish.

She is currently a senior at Cal State University Long Beach, it is very apropos that she is majoring in Film, with a minor in Screen Writing, she is an avid reader and is happy to spend time writing stories. As a child, she regaled her family with her fanciful stories of make believe.

To her credit she has earned her place on the Dean's list, and the first screen play she wrote "Can You See Me" was chosen for production and is on the colleges YouTube channel.

Maliyah entered the Miss Compton pageant on a platform to introduce the children of Compton to classical music. one of her first loves. She believes that it is important that she lend her voice and talents to help improve the image of her city she loves. She is grateful for the opportunity to share her talent with the young people of Compton and is hoping to introduce classical music to them by taking students to view live performances of one of her favorite musicians, Black Violin or the LA Philharmonic at the Disney Concert Hall. She also has a goal of raising money and collaborating with The House of Blues to give aspiring musicians their own instruments.

Maliyah can hardly believe she now has a real crown, as she was crowned Miss Compton 2017 on August 5, 2017. She is ecstatic that the first pageant she ever entered she won. She is looking forward to partnering with, current celebrated talent, organizations, community leaders and business' in an ongoing effort to change the perception of her community.

Maliyah is a shining example of the best of Compton. Maliyah is excited to embark on a year of personal appearances and to use her new stage as a change agent to help challenge the negative image of Compton.